Power Up

Your SAP® Team

Running and maintaining a complex SAP® installation is hard. Let us show you how automation can help save time, money and stress.
Learn How HAWKEYE Can Help You Run SAP® Better

Power Up

Your SAP Team

Running and maintaining a complex SAP installation is hard. Let us show you how automation can help save time, money and stress.
Learn How HAWKEYE Can Help You Run SAP Better

Leverage HAWKEYE Automation

Use HAWKEYE as a product, or take advantage of our team. Either way, HAWKEYE Automation will help you manage, build, modify ABAP programs, and more. Leveraging existing SAP® tools by adding application environments.

Don’t want to divert your team to learn another tool? No problem. Our S/4 Transformation Factory will upgrade your system to S/4 without needing a freeze in your landscape.

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Transform to S/4HANA With Ease

We will transform your ECC system to S/4 with automation and experience. Don’t waste time figuring out tools – let us do it for you. We will leave you new S4 installation completed, optimized and locked up.

Automatic testing of all changed reports

Dual maintenance environment

SmartForms, FUGX, FUGS, Workflow

Optimized ABAP

Everything done in your landscape

Identification of relevant FIORI apps

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Lock Down Your Landscape

You can’t afford any more technical debt. Whether it is a brand new S/4HANA installation, or an existing ECC landscape, we will lock it up with our quality perimeter.

Hundreds of rules enforced

Assistance when developers need more information or bypass

Configurable controls

S/4 or ECC rule base

Executive reporting on an interactive dashboard

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Look Before You Leap

SAP® installations are complex and involve many interactions and moving parts. Any changes you contemplate must avoid unintended consequences or surprises. HAWKEYE will look around the corner for you and expose the impact instantly.



Workflow Objects


Enhancement Spots

And much more! Avoid unintended consequences – look before you leap.
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About CodeExcellence

CodeExcellence was founded with a mission to help companies adopt a SHIFT LEFT mandate in their SAP® development teams. Applying basic six sigma and process control principles can help software teams painlessly adopt strict quality standards and avoid making costly mistakes by being aware of the unintended consequences of their actions.

HAWKEYE automation can help identify all the tasks that will be needed to transform to S/4HANA from ECC, sort out relevant OSS notes from hundreds generated by SAP® every week and automate remediation and optimization of custom code to make it run better.

SAP is the central nervous system for the thousands of companies using it to run their operations and respond quickly to challenging business environments. Keeping it running requires a team of experts to make changes, build new business processes, and adapt to SAP’s changing technology infrastructure.

Many tasks to achieve this can be helped or eliminated by using analytics and artificial intelligence in conjunction with SAP’s internal tools. With HAWKEYE, you can adopt a “SHIFT LEFT” framework that helps you eliminate time, cost and stress. Compliance with tough quality standards, refactoring old code to make it work in S/4, and identifying and managing unintended consequences of contemplated changes, are all examples of how HAWKEYE can help you automate or eliminate tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming.

At CodeExcellence, we built HAWKEYE with a dual mandate: to help developers and tech managers with their work, while at the same time providing intuitive analytics and dashboards to help de-risk changes in a productive SAP system.

The product can be installed in any development instance, and takes about a day to produce a detailed scan of your system. In about a week, you can build a quality perimeter around all development, or automatically adapt all your custom code for S/4 HANA.

Find out how you can POWER UP your team, reduce the time and money it takes to maintain your SAP system, and minimize surprises.

"Our S/4 custom code adaptation task was reduced by 80%."
“A faster, more methodical way of dealing with production problems.”
“Great way for developers to focus on the important stuff.”
“We are dramatically reducing technical code review effort worldwide.”

    How does it work?

    With a scan of your meta-data, HAWKEYE will build a model of your SAP® installation that includes all the custom code, tables, usage, open and released transports, and all OSS notes applied to date. A combination of interactive dashboards and on-prem SAP® tools will help you manage risks, and control development to minimize disruption in production.
    HAWKEYE's interactive dashboards and the companion SAP® products for developers have four elements:


    A scan of the meta-data of your SAP® system is used to create a model of your environment. This can be interrogated to help get deeper insights into millions of lines of code.


    Based on your corporate coding standards, HAWKEYE sets up an automatic quality control function that includes oversight and in-the-trenches tools for the development team.


    Whether it is an upgrade, bug fixes, or new functionality required by the business, HAWKEYE's smart algorithms will calculate the impact of changes to all aspects of the SAP® install.


    HAWKEYE's adaptation workbench will work with SAP®'s ATC to automatically identify, remediate and optimize the custom code in the S/4 system.

    Outsource your conversion

    POWER UP your SAP® team. With our automatic scan of your system, you will know more about your implementation than you ever thought possible.
    In less than a week, we will automatically analyze your ECC system and give you a firm estimate.